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The hotel is located in the center of Osaka Minami, American Village in Shinsaibashi.
Our location is ideal for both business and sightseeing. Namba, Dotonbori, Minami Senba and
Horie are all within walking distance of the hotel. We are open all year round to welcome our guests.

Oasis in the city with 437rooms, Osaka's largest scale capsule hotel
Capsule Hotel
Asahiplaza Shinsaibashi
Everyone who wants to work and play fully comes here.
Working hard and enjoying your leisure time as much as you want,
and yet you will not feel tired the next morning. This is a hotel for such energetic businessmen.

Room Rates

●Room rates 
Capsule room(with free TV and Sauna )・・・・・・・¥3,000
Capsule Nap plan(5 hours)(with free TV and Sauna)・・¥2,100 
Group room(with free TV and Sauna)・・・・¥15,700/¥16,500
Group room is for a group of 2〜4guests
This includes the following rental fee and a deposit to be returned at check-out.
Rental fee for Mah-jongg tiles Full automatic table \0 per table
Automatic table \2,000 per table

Limited Special Plans:
Capsule including dinner --\3,300

Economy course・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・60 min ¥800 
Executive course・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ 180 min ¥1,200
Additional charge of \ 300/30 min will apply after the above time period.

Business hours
●Business hours Capsule and Free room
Check-in ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・14:00 
Overtime charge・・・・・・・・・・¥500/hr 
Public Bath・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・15:00〜11:00 
(Sundays and holidays - CLOSE)

Floor guide

3 F
Group Room

2 F
Capsule Room
Vending machines

1 F
Front desk
Locker Room
Public phones

B1 F
Capsule rooms
Coin Laundry
Vending machines
Public phones
Game machines

B2 F
High and Low temperature Saunas
Public bathes
Sauna Lockers
Vending machines


Front deskAnytime!!
●Check-in anytime during the night.

Even after midnight check-in is OK.
There is a chic and spacious lobby at the entrance area.
Enjoy the luxurious atmosphere and warm services.
Dress shirts, ties, and underwear can also be purchased.

Lounge Refreshing!!
●Lounge for alcohol, drinks and meals

Drinks or meals after check-in are available in the lounge on the second floor until midnight.
A variety of food and drinks, including our popular Daily Special set menu, are served here.
Morning service is also available.

Public Bathes / High and Low Temperature Saunas Feel good!!
●All night Sauna & Massage

All guests have unlimited access to the sauna and bathes free of charge.
There are both high and low temperature saunas.
Choose the one appropriate for you own condition and enjoy a sauna anytime.
Non-guests are invited to enjoy our sauna or massage services before going home for the evening.

Group room (Fully automatic mah-jongg tables available)!!
●this room for a group of four!

When groups of four guests stay for playing mah-jongg, sightseeing, or business trips, etc,
a Grouproom with more space is recommended, with four capsules sharing a common area.
Freely enjoy your private space without worrying about time to go home or interruptions from other guests.

Good sleep!!
●Sound-sleep capsule

Each has a spacious sleeping booth equipped with a TV and other facilities.
Guests can sleep soundly and wake up refreshed.
Morning bathes are available and the toilet kits provided ensure that guests can go to the office looking good!
Also, our rates are attractive, approximately half that of a Business Hotel!



Can I reserve the capsule room?
Yes. You can make a reservation for a homepage or a telephone.

Can I leave valuables?
Yes. If there are valuables, please leave it at the front desk.

Can I leave big baggage?
Yes. You can use one locker after check-in.
We keep the big baggage which is not in the locker at the front desk.
It costs 200 yen a day.

I want to stay consecutively.
You can stay consecutively.
Please pay by 12:00 p.m.
You cannot use the capsuleroom during 12:00 to 14:00,
(It is cleaning time)

Is there the discount of the rate if I stay consecutively?

Is there the regular holiday?
No. We are open without a holiday.

Will you connect the call from a friend to me?
No. We cannot do it. We take a message.

Will you do the wake-up call?
No.There is an alarm function in a capsule.
Please use it.

Can you pay by a credit card?
Yes. Of course.

Can I use a group room in three people?
Yes, you can. The price does not change .

Is a woman available, too?
Yes. There is a women-only area.

Can I go out?
Yes. You have to take the receipt when going out.

Are there a towel and the soap?
A towel and a gown are prepared for a locker.
There are soap, shampoo, the shaver in the bathroom.

Can I use only a sauna, a bathhouse?
It is 800 yen for one hour.
It is 1,200 yen for three hours.

Can I use a sauna and a bath at midnight?
You can use a sauna, a bathhouse in all night.
(sauna) until next morning 9:00
(bath) until next morning 11:00

Can I eat at midnight?
The restaurant is open until 1:00.
And we sell cup noodles.

What kind of menu is there in the restaurant?
I have a lot of such as a set meal or noodles.
The drink has beer, sake, shochu, shochu and soda.

Do I pay the eating and drinking price at the time of check-out?
No. At that time, please pay on the spot.

Can I eat in a capsule?
No. You cannot do eating and drinking and smoking in the capsule.

Is there the vending machine?
Yes. There are the vending machines of juice, alcohol, cup noodle, ice cream,and cigarette.

Is there the coin laundry?
Washing machine 200 yen
Dryer 30 minutes 100 yen
Detergent 50 yen

Conditions and notes
★ The room rate is a check -in deposit system .
★ It is not possible to use in sharing a bed of small children .
★ If you check in later than the check-in time of your reservation , please be sure to contact us by phone .
Because it will be canceled if there is no contact us , please acknowledge .
★ in men-only zone , you must not admission of women . In women-only zone , can not be your admission of men .
★ are not available only minor . Stay as long as together with your parent or guardian of the person of the same sex underage .
★ The call of customers in the hotel can not be at all . (I can not call it even the family group . )
★ We will refuse your admission towards drunk and tattoo tattoo . Please acknowledge it .
★ Please stop smoking , food and beverage in a capsule room .
★ For on-site maintenance , because there is the case that male employees to enter the women-only zone until 0:00 to 14:00 and the case of an emergency , such as , but approve it beforehand .
★ If you nights , I have refused the Entry into the locker room and capsule room for cleaning until 12 o'clock to 14 o'clock for both men and women , afternoon . This 2 hours , please stay in ( unisex rest room) first floor lounge underground male customers .
★ other first floor lounge of the basement ( unisex restroom ), you women , I had to stay in a powder room or women-only zone in the break room
You .
★ You can not watch the NHK on TV set to TV capsule .
★ If you wish , please watch in the break room NHK viewing .
Cancellation Policy
Cancellation fee will be charged as follows .
80% of the room rate : from 14:00 on the day
20% of the room rate : from 14:00 the day before
For non- night without contact
Will be charged as follows: For non- foil.
100 percent of the first night : not night / non-delivery of no contact

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